About Fores Floor Hardwood

Fores Floor Hardwood

When you choose ForesFloor you receive Optimal Quality Lumber as Foresbec is recognized worldwide as the hardwood manufacturing leader of North America, they control operations from A to Z – from the forest to the factory-finished product.

Foresbec Inc. is a largest Canadian exporter of high quality hardwoods namely red oak, white ash, black cherry, hard maple, walnut, red elm and grey elm.

Foresbec Inc. purchases its hardwood mainly from the Northeastern United States. This area of the continent is well known for its high quality broad-leaved trees an hence is a perfect area for Foresbec Inc. to purchase its hardwood.

North-American hardwoods are known for their very high density, resistance and good appearance. Foresbec Inc. also trades hardwood logs destined for veneer and dimensional production.

Foresbec Inc. inspects and transforms hardwoods through a kiln-drying process. Approximately 85% of its production is sold overseas. The finished product is used mainly by the furniture industry as well as in the production of other wood products such as doors, flooring and moulding.

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